festival filmskog scenarija
festival filmskog scenarija

Film screenplay festival

Organizer: Cultural Center of Vrnjacka Banja

Contact mail: kulturnicentar.vb@gmail.com


The Film Screenplay Festival was founded in 1977, as a festival with a specific thematic focus dedicated to screenplay. The Festival is always in the middle of August in Vrnjacka Banja. The initiators of this event were the Cultural Center of Vrnjacka Banja, the Association of Film Authors and the Association of Film Actors. The immediate initiators were Bosko Rudjincanin, Miomir Stamenkovic, Velimir-Bata Zivojinovic, Vasiljka Bogicevic and Dusan Perkovic. In addition to the official competition program, the Film Screenplay Festival has a significant accompanying program: A symposium that represents one of the leading events during the festival, with a tradition old as the festival itself.

The symposium is dedicated to screenwriting problems that have far-reaching significance not only for the review in Vrnjacka Banja, but also for the entire domestic cinematography; “Summer School of Film Dramaturgy – Slobodan Stojanovic”, with talented students of dramaturgy and directing; Film Critics School, dedicated to film critics, with students and high school students as learners; The program, “Over the fence”, with the movie projection of one representative film from the surrounding countries and the promotion of books with film themes. The decision on the three best scenarios is made by the expert jury, the “Slavko Lazarevic” award of the “Illustrated Politics” newspaper is given by the jury of journalists and film critics, while the audience also chooses their favorite. The gold medal with the image of Emperor Constantine, the jury of the host city, awards for exceptional contribution to the affirmation and promotion of the festival, and the artistic council of the festival “Mihic’s Golden Pen” for exceptional contribution to the script in national cinematography. “Marko Zivic” award for the best young actor of the Festival was established in 2022. as well the award for the scenario of minority co-production.