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Festival of cinematographer achievements “Image in motion”

Organizer: Serbian Society of Cinematographers

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The Festival of Cinematographic Achievements “Image in Motion” is the film festival organized by the Serbian Association of Cinematographers. The festival is a place to review the achievements of the director of photography in the previous year. Also it values, rewards and affirms the artistic work and contribution of the director of photography to the film work. It is also a kind of a regional congress of the profession. The festival was launched in 2015 and it takes place in the middle of December at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad. The festival lasts for four days, during which the main program shows films majorly produced by the Serbian production between the two festivals.

In addition to the main and special awards for cinematography, there is also an award for the best filmed TV series, a student short film, the best cinematography in a minority Serbian co-production and a lifetime achievement award. In addition to the film program, the festival highlights the accompanying program as well. Cinematography workshops and presentations contribute to raising the technical and aesthetic level of the work of cinematographers – directors of photography, film workers, students of film departments of art faculties and interested audiences.