filmski susreti niš

Niš Festival of Acting Achievements in Feature Films Film Meetings

Organizer: Cultural Center of Niš, Association of Serbian Film Actors

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Every year, during the last week of August, the city of Niš hosts the acting elite of our country and region. The festival was founded in 1966 by the Association of Serbian Film Actors from Belgrade and Slavica Film Company from Niš (from which later the founding rights were taken over first by Municipal Assembly of Niš and later by the City of Niš).

In addition to the official competition program, which covers the most important films made during the last year in a common (Serbian) language area, the festival also organizes different accompanying events. Official awards of the festival are: Grand Prix Naisa for best acting achievment in competition program, Emperor Constantine for the leading male role, Empress Teodora for the leading female role, charters for the male and female role, awards for the male and female episode and award for debut role.